Bringing Incremental Innovative Processes To People

Welcome to the Innocosm Community.

Our Mission is:

Create an ecosystem of inventive, and innovative people to find answers to the challenges they face.

Our goals are:

Creation of an Open Source Community Web application that will use an enhanced version of the 'Theory of inventive problem solving', developed by Ideation International.

Share the techniques and methods that to achieve your goals from a system derived from millions of patents.

Our gratitude goes out to those that made this possible:

Ideation International in collaboration with Dr. Ron Fulbright, Creator of the INFO307 course at the University of South Carolina, Upstate and Dr. Fulbrights book "Knowlege-Based Innovation: Ideation with I-TRIZ Operators

In memory of:

Zion Bar-El, Chairman and CEO, Ideation International (1942 - 2019)

A roadmap will be posted as development proceeds